New Business Immigration Strategy for Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Party has announced that there will be a new business immigration strategy for Saskatchewan. On October 1st, the new program is scheduled to begin with a targeted processing time of under 6 months.

“In 2008-09, 109 entrepreneurial immigrants were nominated to come to Saskatchewan. Their business investments are expected to create more than 400 jobs in the province. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) will nominate 250 immigrants under the entrepreneurship category over the next two years, leading to the creation of approximately 900 jobs.”

One of the new strategies implemented is a moving the SINP Business office to Saskatoon from Regina. This is an excellent move that helps grow Saskatoon which is a majority comprised of private businesses compared to Regina.

The program is looking to attract business investors to Saskatchewan to partner with local business owners or for the outright purchases. The major focus is in the science and technology sector, partnering with aboriginal businesses and outright business purchases to allow for retirement.

IIBC has a comprehensive exploratory visit for potential business investors to meet with community organizations and with it’s extensive network of local business professionals. The business tour includes meetings with accountants, lawyers, mortgage brokers, school divisions, banks, marketing companies, mentor-ship groups and more. IIBC’s business tours are a streamlined approach to save time and achieve the greatest possibility for success.

“Our new immigration initiative acknowledges the importance of entrepreneurship by building bridges between potential residents of Saskatchewan and the industries and businesses that will benefit from their investment and skills,” Minister responsible for Immigration Rob Norris said.

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