Competitive Advantages

The key competitive advantages for International Immigration and Business Consulting (IIBC) are:

  • Strategic Alliances with local industry professionals.
  • Strategic Alliances with international organizations.
  • Excellent logistical strategies for hiring companies.
  • Knowledge of Federal and Provincial immigration policies and procedures.
  • Ability to complete all Federal and Provincial immigration application forms.
  • Knowledge of Service Canada’s procedures and requirements.
  • Members of Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants.
  • Excellent reputation with Saskatchewan businesses and community.
  • Member of community organizations and networks.
  • Provide relocation and settlement to foreign workers when they arrive.
  • Provide relocation to permanent resident and graduates when they arrive.
  • Effective and creative marketing campaigns.
  • Streamlined logistical employer and employee matching system (
  • Effective hiring strategies.
  • Provide up-to date information and excellent customer service to all clients.

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